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Our Guarantee

Eclectik Ones Entertainment will always strive to go above and beyond the call of duty!




All of the crucial details stated in your written contract will be attended to and carried out according to specification.


We will assist you in the planning process by listening to what you want, and by sharing creative ideas that may further enhance  your event.


We promise to care. You matter to us, and you’ll never be just another event. 


Your DJ/MC and DJ Assistant will:


Arrive at least 1 hour prior to your guests’ arrival to set-up equipment and perform a sound, microphone, and lighting check.  We have never missed an event and we always arrive early!


Be ready to start on time, and entertain throughout the duration of your event.


Make announcements on the microphone with enthusiasm, flair, and good taste.


Operate professional quality equipment at appropriate volumes and presented neatly to match the venue.  Even though we have never had an event-ending technical failure we always bring back up cables, music drives, extra laptop and mixer for our and your peace of mind!


DJ and Assistant will be dressed in appropriate stylish attire, according to the preference you have indicated.


Utilize a fully legal music library containing thousands of songs from multiple genres, from Classic Oldies to the Contemporary Dance Hits


Honor your “Must Play” and “Must Not Play” song requests.  


Play song requests from Guests as time, program, and availability in our music library permits  (we do not play any requests that are explicit or offensive).


Be friendly, approachable, and respectful to everyone in the Venue!




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