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Simple Booking Process


So, you have shopped around for DJ Services in your area and now are ready to select THE ONE.


When you choose us, we will make the booking and contract signing as simple as possible.  We encourage potential clients to browse our site, song mixes, and videos and text, email or call us for any questions before planning a face-to-face meeting.


We always encourage potential clients to check out at least 2 to 3 DJ Services before making a final decision. Your Event is Special so we are always honest and realistic with our services and what we can or cannot offer.




1.  Initial contact via email, text or phone:  Here we both can make a general assessment of the Event, (venue size, number of guests, date, time, preferred genres, etc.) and the DJ will confirm date availability and suggest a package of equipment to match the event and give an estimated quote.


2.  Questions, Questions:  We encourage the potential clients to contact us via email, phone or text!  This is also the stage when both parties can move on to other options if there is obviously not a right fit.


3.  Confirm and Book the Date!  At this stage both the DJ and Client are confident and the DJ will Save the Date in the Calendar.  At this point both parties are ready to schedule a meeting and sign the contract.  


4.  Face-to-Face Meeting:  We will meet at a location and time that's most convenient to the client, like a local coffee shop, where we can all get comfortable and chat!  Here we can really get to know and connect with our clients in regards to background, musical tastes, overall vision and details of the event. This initial meeting normally takes about an hour.


5.  Contract is Read and Signed!  $20-$100 intial deposit if booked online.  NO hidden or extra fees! The Client can also fill out the program forms, and playlist or send them via email at a later date.


6.  Follow up emails, texts or calls and finishing touches as the Event approaches.  


Please note:  Most simple events will not require a Face-to-Face meeting.  Emails, texts, and/or phone calls will be enough.  For convenient booking, payment, contract and reviews just click on our GigMasters button below!


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